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About the DJ - Nick E-P

Nick E-P is a UK based producer and DJ, and has had the pleasure of supporting some of the biggest names in Dance music and within the underground music scene. Some of these include Calvin Harris, Dave The Drummer, Andy Farley, BK (Tough London) and Justin Bourne, to name a few. He has performed in some of the best clubs in the country for some of the most respected events and promotions on the planet.

Nick started DJ’ing back in the vinyl days and has moved with the advances in DJ technology using CDJ’s and controller setups with the major software brands like Traktor Pro and Serato.

“I have to enjoy what I am doing and performing live doing unplanned off-the-cuff sets is what I enjoy most, Performers who have to plan and reherse ‘routines’ I admit takes alot of time and patience and we all know how the old saying goes – practice makes perfect, but I am not one of those performers, I have respect for people who do it this way but I much prefer to carry out new ideas on the spot when they just ‘come to me’ in the middle of a set as they tend to be the most fun for both me and the people who are on the dancefloor.”

Genres (Dance Music) – House, Techno, Tech-House, Hard-House, Bass House, Progressive

Cardiff (UK)

United Kingdom (GB)

(+44) 07817 586779